Under the auspicies of the Wartime Housing Authority, the Boeing Company built a 300 home subdivision to house it's workers on Sea Island.
The roads of this "state of the art'" planned subdivision are all named after different aircraft or Company names.

The October 29, 1943 Boeing Beam, the Company newsletter,  mentions a page 3 article titled "Contest Judges Choose 'Burkeville' as Name For
Big Sea Island Wartime Housing Project".  Other names suggested for the new subdivision included:

Priorityville, Toyler's Town, Essential Square, Fog Gulch, Catalina, Plane, Aero, Victory and Sea Island.  The new name was in honour of
Stanley BURKE, President of Boeing Aircraft of Canada.
Burkeville Memories
Arnold Wolfson's  BA Service Station
photos courtesy of Arnold Wolfson
courtesy of Derek Claridge