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1)      The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday November 24, 2012 from 11:00 am to Noon.  Congrats to the 2013 Board of Directors (as above).  The AGM was followed by a very successful Open House from Noon to 4:00 pm. At the Sea Island Community Hall, 7140 Miller Road, Richmond, B.C.  Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting SIHS.  The only reason we have had great success with this history project is by having people like you contribute your knowledge and memories of our favourite little island.  The ole Community Hall was crowded and abuzz with people of all ‘walks’ re-acquainting themselves.  Lots of smiles and hugs seen.  Thank you for supplying photos and memorabilia and for sharing your memories of Sea Island days gone by.  Once again we must thank the City of Richmond and the Sea Island Community Association for their continued support of our history project. We’re very pleased so many of you renewed you annual memberships to our Society.   Welcome to the many new members too!  At only $5.00 each for 2013 it’s a bargain!  Thank you all for your support to the Sea Island Heritage Society.  Let’s make 2013 even better.


2)      It was satisfying to hear your Sea Island stories at the Nov 24, 2012 open House.  The room was so packed we likely didn’t get to meet you all.  For that we apologize.  We’re sorry if we missed documenting your memories or donated your pictures; and will only hope those of you that came all the way out to see us and didn’t get a chance to talk to us will contact us again.  We’d like that! 


3)      We’re grateful that families are now starting to donate whole photo albums chalk full of Sea Island family photos and memories.  How Sweet!  Thank you all.


      Zoe-Ann White kindly donated a whole album of photos.  Thanks Zoe-Ann. 


      Carol Lefler scanned many family photos and of her Burkeville family and neighbours around 232 Boeing Avenue in the 1950s.  Thanks Carole.     


      Barbara Underwood donated scans of many of her Dad’s old RCAF band pictures and other RCAF and family memorabilia.  Great to have, thanks Barbara.


      Judi Jenkins said that her family lived on the Airforce base as her Dad was in the Airforce.  She has pictures and other items for the society.  Thanks Judi we’ll look forward to seeing those.


      Barbara Kinahan also wanted us to scan some of her old family documents and letters concerning the pioneer Laing family on Sea Island.  Thanks to you too Barbara


      Ken Collins is a former Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd worker from wartime Sea Island.  We’re please that Ken, his wife Nancy and daughter Donna came out.  Ken shared his many memories with Don Phillips.  Thanks to you all for filling in more pieces of that huge complex on Sea Island.  At its hey-day, Boeing employed over 7,000 workers.  Most of them on Sea Island’s plant #3.


      Doreen Braverman’s family were on Shannon Road – The Montgomery’s and Gouldings were early settlers on Sea Island.  Fortunately Doreen continues to share her many memories, photos and contacts with us.  Doreen has an incredible memory and recalls many neighbouring farms, fishing and canning families and neighbours names such as Natsimoto, Mah Look, Baba, and the family home of Bicknell (Matheson) to name a few. 

The Goulding home was later sold to the Perry family and moved to Tapp Road in the 1950s and moved due to expropriation by the Federal Gov’t. for airport expansion.

At the November 24, 2012 AGM, Doreen said that her grandfather built their house on Shannon Road.  Doreen lived there until she married and then moved to Burkeville.


The Gouldings lived at the Acme Cannery, which was beside the Vancouver Cannery (both owned by BC Packers Ltd.).  Doreen Braverman said in a July 18, 2010 posting to the Sea Island Heritage Sociey website guest book, “The cork mill was owned by my grandfather, Thomas Goulding Esq”.  The Goulding family was located on the west side of Shannon Road south of Miller Road and north of their neighbour Mr. and Mrs. MATHESON according to Roy McDONALD’s 1930 era map and index. 


4)      We’re sorry to hear of George Whitlock death.  His obituary also appeared in the Nov 30 2012 Vancouver Sun.  Our sincere condolences are offered to George’s family and friends.  George’s family were located on Abercrombie Drive in the Cora Brown subdivision before expropriation.


5)      We’re grateful to Pat Ralph, a former resident of Burkeville for kindly donating many of his family photos relating to their neighbours, school, church and scouting friends of the 6th Richmond cub pack that has Dad Philip Ralph was deeply involved in.  Pat left his Dad’s album with us to scan photos.  We tried to contact him to return it but understand that Pat has since moved from Nanaimo and we’ve lost contact.  We’d like to make sure his album gets back into family hands; could Pat please contact Doug Eastman at 250-756-1762 or at the above email address.  Thanks Pat.


6)      Watch our website for additional details (time/location, etc.) about our display at the BCIT Campus on Sea Island at the Investor’s Group WALK FOR MEMORIES (Alzheimer’s Society of B.C.) Sunday, January 27, 2013.  Please come out and support the WALK and its members.  Drop by our display and say hello!


7)      We’re so very grateful to be recognized by Investor’s Group.  They graciuosly supplied us with a small funding grant to allow us to purchase a display stand for some of our memorabilia.  Watch for it at one of our next events.  Thank you Investor’s Group.


8)      Thanks to Niki Bergen (nee Anthony) for sharing a photo of her and Reesa Manning (nee Mogul) and Sharon Alexander in Nov. 2012.  The all enjoyed Thanksgiving at Reesa’s in Rancho Mirage, Calif.)  These three have been best of friends for many years so it’s nice to see them still in touch.  Carole L recently mentioned, “If you go on youtube you can put in Reesa Manning and it will come up with a video of her.” 


9)      We still chuckle when we think about this story from a former lady who lived on Lancaster Crescent in the early 50s, “One day a little boy came to the door and asked me if my mother was home.  I said that I was the mother. He asked me if I would like to buy some "whipping sticks" for 5 cents.  He has some willow sticks in his hand - for whipping kids!  How times have changed!”


10)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is grateful that the late Don Gordon, Richmond historian, shared his memories and photographs with us of early pioneer life on Sea Island.  Sharon Bordeleau has kindly stepped forward and has transcribed many of the taped interviews that Don did with Sea Island pioneers or their descendants in the early 1990s.  The transcription of one of those early pioneers was recently combined with SIHS research notes and photos to make a complete picture of many of the early farmers of Sea Island; including Hewett Hayward of Miller Road.  Thanks Sharon.


11)  The above Hewett Hayward of Sea Island mentioned in his interview that he was hit by a car in Vancouver in Dec 1940 while riding his motorcycle.  I wonder how many others from Sea Island rode motorcycles.  Can you name them all?  Let’s see, in the 50s and 60s there were: Bill C, John Mc, Ken B, Lew D, Drew P, Ron P, Denny W.  Can you help us out with that one?


12)  We were fortunate to have been loaned an old 8mm film by Mary Kamann of Comox, B.C. in 2005.  We had the film transferred to a VHS tape.  Part of it shows a police motorcycle team performing at the Sea Island RCAF base c1961.  Mary Kamann’s husband Jim was stationed at the base there and they lived at 245 Wellington Crescent.  If anyone has the capability to transfer the VHS tape to DVD or, despite its grainy appearance, even recover useful photos from the frames that might show us a lot of the old RCAF buildings in the background, etc.  Those would be good to document too.


13)   Minnie Alvina SPENCE (rtd) of 348 Sexsmith Road on Lulu Island, Richmond, B. C. is recorded in the 1975 Richmond B.C. Voters List for Burkeville on Sea Island.  Does anyone know why?  Is there a Sea Island connection with the Spence family?


14)  Thanks to a former Sea Islander (RCAF base) for sending us a link to this reminder: If you were a child of the 50's, 60's, 70's or early 80's this is a salute to you. Thanks Vicky T


15)  Sharon Bordeleau advised us in early Nov 2012 that her brother-in-law (Maurice Lenglet and Peggy Scott) kindly donated a large book of some 1936 newspapers and a tall wooden stand with a glass top.  Sharon sent photos and said, “These pics are of a stand that has a glass enclosed top that screws on.  Sort of like a pulpit.  Stand is 46" high.  The glass enclosure is 25" x 38 - 1/2" and 6" thick.  So it is quite large and very heavy.  It was specifically made for the book, which is from Aug-Sept 1936, The Vancouver Sun newspaper.  Apparently this was how The Sun kept all the newspaper articles and they have disposed of them, as everything is now digital.  The SIHS is grateful for this donation.


16)  Many thanks to Dewar Boutilier of Powell River for submitting 2 of his school class photos –and one of his 1962 Sea Island Ball Team and another of his RCAC Air Cadet Group (655 Sqn) Summer Camp 1961 photo in front of RCAF Dakota aircraft #666.  Watch for some of those photos to be posted so you can help identify the faces.

Some of the students in attendance in Mr Carter’s grade 5-6 class, Division 2 at Sea Island School in 1961-62 were:


Grade five:

BICKNELL, Peter Bicknell
BOUSQUET, Janet Bousquet
BOUTILIER, Dewar Boutilier
BRUNELLE, Germaine Brunnelle
BUTTS, Donna Butts
CHARLTON, Gail Charlton
CUNNINGHAM, Ralph Cunningham*
CURLL, Richard, Curll
DEANE, Norman John Deane*
EDWARDS, Steven Edwards
ELLIOTT, Nigel Elliott*
GARIEPY, William Gariepy
HILLIARD, Sharon Hilliard
HOLLETT, Thomas Hollett
HRECHUK, Judy Hrechuk
KELLETT, Richard Kellett
KLEIN, Lyle Klein
McLEOD, David McLeod
MECREDY, Michael Mecredy
MENEICE, Robert Meneice
MOGG, William Mogg*
MOGUL, Michael Mogul
MOORE, Ricky Moore
MUSEKAMP, Walter Muskamp
NIELSON, Douglas Nielson
WRAGG, Deborah Wragg*
DALSHANG, Carolyn Dalshang (sp?)
HARDY, Don Hardy*
LIGGET, Janice Ligget
WEILER, Kenneth Weiler (sp?)

Grade six

ARCHER, Raymond Archer
ARMSTRONG, Glen Armstrong
FORREST, Shelley Forrest
HOLLINGER, Clarissa Hollinger
KELLY, Patricia Kelly
LIDKEA, Noreen Lidkea
PISKO, Allan Pisko
SMITH, Caroline Smith
SMITH, Kathleen Smith
STOKES, Kathryn Stokes

* the student had a line stroked across his name and may have been moved to another classroom part way through the school year or was transferred to another school (moved away)


Where in the world are all these students now and how can we tell them about our history project to get their “story” about living on Sea Island?  Thanks to Eunice Robinson and Richard Kellett we now have 18 of the 36 students identified.


17)  Linda Crooks posted to our SIHS website guest book on Oct. 28, 2012 seeking information on a family member from Sea Island that disappeared aboard their RCAF aircraft.  Their large twin-engine bomber reconnaissance aircraft crashed on a regular patrol flight in September 1942.  The RCAF Bristol Bolingbroke of #147 (BR) Sqn out of Sea Island was located in heavy timber on a mountainous terrain near Ucluelet, B.C. on Vancouver Island decades later in 1966.  Linda's Great Uncle Jack Duffy was one of the 3-man aircrew.  He was a 21-yr old Flight Sergeant Wireless Aircraft Gunner. 

Between our Society and the Comox Air Force Museum, we were able to share information with Linda and her family and she shared some photos and newspaper articles with us.  Linda said in her Nov 2012 email, "The one where he looks rather dashing exiting a train in his uniform is from Grande Prairie AB (my family has a lot of history in that area).  The articles are from the Victoria Daily Colonist - the one about the war casualties is from September 24, 1942....and the one about the wreckage location from September 24, 1966.....

- From the Victoria Daily Colonist, 24 September 1942. Pilot Officer Colin Gartrell Child and Sergeant David Wynn Moore were the other two members of Jack's Bolingbroke crew.
- From the Victoria Daily Colonist, 24 September 1966, page 5. (24 years -- to the day -- after the previous clipping!)
Linda added, "I have also found that a Bristol Bolingbroke Aircraft has been restored, and is on display, at BC Aviation Museum at Victoria .”  Thanks Linda


18)   In October 2012 the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) was contacted by the former Gail Young who lived with her family in the RCAF PMQs on Sea Island.  SIHS was delighted to hear from her.  Gail attended Sea Island Elementary School from grade 1 – grade 7 (1964 – 1971).  She said that she has quite a few class photos and can identify most if not all of the students in the photos marked F, G, H & K on our SIHS class pictures webpage (        

      Her father Larry Young was stationed on Sea Island from 1955 – 1970 and was married on the RCAF base there.  Gail said that she watched the building of Grant McConachie Way and the airport; as well as several of the hangars that are now there.  She and her friends used to swim at Iona and McDonald Beach. 

      Gail said, “I know Pat Ralph who had provided information to you guys...he lived behind Don & Laura Clark who lived on Catalina Crescent.  When we moved to Sea Island, they still had the old white and green-trimmed buildings...I watched them be demolished so they could build Cara Flight Kitchens, hangars and of course, the rental car place on Aylmer St.

      There is so much to say about our time there...the base actually did not close until 1973 - we lived on the base and then we moved to Val Cartier, Quebec in the summer of 1973 - I had done grade 8 at Cambie Junior High!  We left the base in 1973 and it was the fall of that year that they were moving the homes to a reserve on the Northern Coast.  Jericho was closed in I think 1968 or dad will know, and then some of the families who were based in Jericho moved to the PMQs on Sea Island. 
      The first principal I had at Sea Island was Mr. Lucy...who then went to Mitchell Road Elementary on 5 & Cambie.  We then had Mr. Gammar and I think he was there right up until I left in grade 7...
P.C. Lee took all the school photos.
My grade 1 teacher was Miss Neill who married and became Mrs. Griffith
My grade 2 teacher was Mrs. Kuriel
Mrs. Miles was my grade 3 teacher
Mr. Truscott was my grade 4 teacher
Mrs. Eleanor Harper was my grade 5 teacher
Miss Priddle was my grade 6 teacher
Mr. Whiting was my grade 7 teacher
      My sister Karen and my brother Larry attended kindergarten at Sea Island Community Centre.
      The little corner store by the gas station was run by the Englands... the barber's name was Eddie who was from Scotland who moved his business to the Skyline Hotel...there was also next to him another store called "The Lucky Dollar" store...they also had the Army, Nave & Airforce Veteran's club which was much like a legion.
      Neighbours:  The Warnells with 2 sons names Ted & Ricky; The Larson's Bob & Shirley with 2 kids - Brenda; Lloyd; Lance; Lisa; Kelly and Daryl; The Howarth's; The Easter's - Ray & Jane with kids - Mary Ellen, Timothy and Judy; The Rounds - can't remember the parents names but the kids were Brenda; Doug and Colleen; let me go through the pictures and get my dad's help.”

      Thank you Gail, we appreciate you sharing you memories.  It all helps paint a vivid picture of the history of Sea Island!  We’ll look forward to hearing more of your reminiscences ...and your Dad’s. 


Gail kindly provided SIHS with the names of the kids in her Sea Island School (Div 8) grade 1 class, 1965-66, Miss H. Marguerite Griffith (became Mrs. Neill):


Gail’s father, Larry of Vernon, B.C. also provided a scan of his daughter Debbie’s school class picture (Sea Island Elementary School, Richmond, B.C. 1964-65 grade 1, Mrs L E Challoner) and a picture of his old PMQ house on Croil Avenue surrounded by flood waters about 1966.  Many thanks for sharing Larry.


19)  The SIHS has been documenting the life and times of the pioneer McDonald family of Sea Island.  In October 2012 we were contacted by others that are also interested in compiling the family histories through their links to the Sea Island McDonalds.

Pat Marlowe and Pat Caldwell of Alberta are trying to establish a link between their respective McDonald families.  On October 15, 2012 we received an email from Pat Marlowe who provided info from her father, Elvin McDonald.  “Dad said there was three separate McDonald Families on Sea Island.
1) Hugh and Duncan McDonald from Glengarry, Ontario
2) Hugh McDonald a Mill owner- (I once got his will by mistake)
3) Irish McDonald's
Of the Irish McDonald's dad knew that Annie McDonald ran a shoe store in Marpole.  Annie had a nephew Johnie McDonald who farmed Sea Island.  The Sea Island Irish McDonald's were related to the McDonald family that farmed the south side of Nicomen Island.  McDonald's Landing on Nicomen Island is named after them.”

 Thanks to Pat Marlowe, her Dad Elvin McDonald, Pat Caldwell and Donna Fraser who continue to help us out with documenting the McDonald ‘story’!  Others sharing info or helping out include: Sharon Bordeleau, Barbara Nielsen, Sheila Wierda, and her mother Thelma, and Elaine Bambridge.  If I’ve missed anyone out here, I’m sorry.....get your name back into me and I’ll include it next time.

So thanks to the numerous descendants of the three different pioneer McDonald families that settled on Sea Island, the Sea Island Heritage Society now has a more complete picture on who-was-who!  A flurry of emails in October into November 2012 kept everyone busy.  Barb promised to put all the information down on a genealogical program to share with all the McDonald’s.  If you are or you know someone who is related to any of the pioneer Sea Island McDonald families or have pictures or old newspaper clippings to share, please contact our SIHS President, Mrs. Eunice Robinson at (604) 596-2811


20)   It was nice to hear from Ed Stover again.  Ed has a good memory and recalled many of the kids he went to school with from the RCAF base, Burkeville and Cora Brown.  From his Oct 2, 2012 email, some of the  names he mentioned included:

Diane Goguen (our fathers worked together), Martin Fletcher (his father was our Scoutmaster, I believe), Ronald Kuramoto, John Larson (they lived near the Lucky Dollar), and Glynnis Stewart, who I believe is David's sister.  I have never heard from David since leaving Sea Island; we were best friends there, David also played lacross.
David England, whose parents lived behind their store on Airport Road.  He won the award for Highest Academic Standing in Grade 7.  Ed remembers [Sea Island Elementary School teacher], Miss Paquin, who married and became Mrs. Bier.  Ed also recalls the following people/families - Rays (Roger, Randy, etc. - their father taught us in Cubs, I believe), Kevin Corbin, MacDonalds, Leroux, Morgans, Bissonnettes, Cormiers, Saunders, Youngs, Sato... may be others, but can't think right now.  I remember many from Burkeville: Lynne Farquharson, George Spencer, Newtons, Roy Opp, Larsens, Fletchers (he was my Scoutmaster, can't remember his name), Valliant, Laura Collins - again, probably many more, but names escape me right now!  I was in Cubs and then Scouts; there was no Venturer group on Sea Island, so I was in Air Cadets for a year.  We attended (sporadically) Sea Island United Church, and sometimes Richmond United (same minister, I believe).  We went to Sunday School most weeks.  We picked blackberries in the bushes between the school and the church.  I also remember Burtons, who lived in the big house behind the PMQs, on Miller Road - Cia Burton was in my grade.  Spent a lot of time riding my bike; used to ride to the "new" airport when it opened!  Had some friends in Cora Brown who had horses, and we used to go there sometimes - can't remember names though...  I remember when they built the hotel by the marina - it seems SO tall...  and the Dinsmore Bridge - my sister and a friend walked across the bridge when only the supports were in place, no concrete, it's a wonder they weren't killed! He recalls that the kids used to go roller-skating at the Forum every Friday night, and bowling from time to time.   I delivered the Richmond Review, as well as the Vancouver Sun, down Miller Road to the school, then in the PMQs.  I moved from Richmond in 1972, and went back to visit in 1975 at Easter - I haven't been back since. 


21)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) sends condolences to the family and friends of Harold A (Buzz) Bezanson who passed away in September 2012.  Harold and Pat were both in the RCAF and at one time lived on Alymer Street as well as in Burkeville at 204 Stirling and 201 Boeing Avenues.  Some time ago Sandi and Allan kindly donated numerous Sea Island School class photos.


22)  Looking back into our research files I see that in February 2003, Doreen (nee Montgomery) Braverman kindly donated her story of the Cork Mill that her grandfather, Thomas Goulding managed on Sea Island.  The Richmond Archives website has a map of the Acme Cannery site (see below).  In the map search option just put the word acme in..

See URL:  

Thanks again Doreen.  The same Cork Mill story is in the Summer 2008 issue of Nikkei Images (Volume 13, No.2) 


23)  Congrats to John Campbell and Graham Turnbull, Richmond Archives volunteers for placing some of the Archives many historic photographs into the International “History Pin” project.

Read more: on the City of Richmond Archives “channel” at:


24)  If you haven't already seen it, there is an online B&W 1955 aerial photo of the Moray Channel in the Middle Arm of the Fraser River c/w a pile driver starting on the first footings for the Moray Channel Bridge (an East view)

You can also see the small commercial spot at the corner of Miller Road and Airport Road and the Donegani house across the Airport Road.  Once enlarged, from the ‘air’ you can see many details of the ANAF #285 Veteran’s Club, Arnold Wolfson's BA Gas Stn, the Svenkeson house (complete with laundry), Joe's Confectionary, Bill & Jim's Groceteria and the North end of Lancaster Crescent (in 1955, is likely the Barradell home).

The Aug 7 2012 posting says the photo can be purchased for $25 to private individuals or $225 for commercial purposes.

The photo description online states: “This an interesting shot of the east end of Sea Island in Richmond from 1955.  What makes it interesting is the fact that this image was taken just before construction of the Moray Channel Bridge began.  Also in upper-left, you can see the first pillars of the Oak Street Bridge being built.  Both the Oak Street Bridge and the Moray Channel Bridge opened two years later in 1957”.

The 25 cent per car toll collected on the 1957 Oak Street Bridge was the same toll as the Lions Gate Bridge. 

Click here use the zoom feature and look around.


25)  Dennis (Doc) Hopper of Ottawa sent us scans of former QCA Stranraer CF-BYJ which is being lovingly restored at the Shearwater Aviation Museum, Nova Scotia.  Doc added, “I have had a lot of exposure to [Vickers Flying Boats called] Stranraers and their RCAF/QCA history.

[BYJ] sank in Belize Inlet, B.C. on Christmas Eve 1949. 

[SIHS added: Former Burkeville resident and QCA mechanic, Sig Hubenig, survived that crash landing.  Two passengers weren’t so fortunate].

Doc thought it hit a "deadhead" on landing while in Queen Charlotte Airlines (QCA) service.

BYJ was a QCA "sister ship" to CF-BXO, the one at Hendon, U.K.  BYJ’s RCAF serial no. was 915.

After QCA service, BXO was derelict at Vancouver [airport on Sea Island] and heavily vandalized. It was restored to flying condition at Abbotsford in the mid 60s and flew around the lower mainland for a while until acquired by the RAF Museum and shipped to England on a RAF Short Belfast.  (Standing joke has it that the tower controller asked what kind of aircraft it was, never having seen one. The reply was "It's a Short Belfast, but you should see the long one!" (Groan!)).

Incidentally, QCA was acquired by Pacific Western and at least one ex-QCA Stranraer flew in PWA colours, but not BXO.  Does anyone know which Stranny flew in PWA colours?

Doc said, “I have seen the one at Hendon. It is in great shape and the display gives appropriate credit to its Canadian service, civilian and military.  Too bad that we could not have kept it in Canada.

Incidentally, BXO was RCAF serial 920. Hendon is trying to find out the individual aircraft letter while it was with 5 (BR) Sqn at Dartmouth, unit letters QN.” 

Can anyone help solve that mystery?


26)  Does anyone have a current contact for the Staubs family?  We’d like to make contact to hear their story about life on Sea Island.  The February 21, 1951 Marpole-Richmond Review (Around Sea Island Column) reported that farewells were said to Mr. and Mrs. Staub and their little son who have been residing at 329 Catalina Crescent.


27)  Eunice Robinson, Pres, of the Sea Island Heritage Society kindly made arrangements to have our memorabilia and photograph collection on display at the LDS Tri-Stake Family History Centre Genealogical Conference in Surrey on October 13, 2012   We had a very successful day and thank all those that helped and those that stopped by to say hello and share what they know about Sea Island.  Read more on the Annual LDS Genealogical Conference at:


28)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is grateful to Doug Barry for providing his story and a clipping from the Vancouver Sun about the hijacked United jet airliner from Reno landing at Vancouver Int’l airport on Sea Island on August 18, 1972.  Doug was the YVR Air Traffic Controller at the time.  Doug said, “It wasn't pleasant hearing this guy in the background screaming his head off while the pilot was trying to communicate with me. There was a time the sound of the pilot's voice told me he might be thinking he'd made his last flight. I don't think I'll ever forget that sound of resignation”.

The airliner later flew to Seattle where FBI agents stormed the plane and wounded the hijacker.  He recovered from his non-life threatening wounds and was sentenced to life in prison for air piracy. 

Read an archived news clipping by Google about the hijacking at,1004043&dq=frank+markoe+sibley&hl=en


29)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) sends condolences to the family and friends of Doug M. Lewis who passed away July 11 2012. Doug grew up in the Tapp Road Subdivision near the VLA Cora Brown Subdivision at 475 Tapp Road, Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.)


30)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) congratulates our SIHS President, Eunice Robinson, on the occasion of her retirement from Air Canada.  Eunice grew up in the Cora Brown subdivision and worked for the airline industry on Sea Island.  Rumour has it that Barry will add more solar power to their little getaway abode on a remote island somewhere in the North Pacific.  So Eunice’s whole life has revolved around an island one way or the other and will stay in e-contact with us all.  Enjoy!


31)  Not to be outdone by Eunice’s retirement, our SIHS Vice President and Webmaster, Don Phillips, also retired in June 2012.  Now they can both enjoy “Silver Searching” on the Internet.  Congrats to both.


32)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is grateful to Margie Marsden for telling us she went to Cambie Jr High and Richmond High School with classmates Vi Cook and Judy Dennis.  We had already been in contact with Vi Hurst and were pleased to receive her family’s story and photos from their time in the Cora Brown Subdivision on Sea Island.  Judy grew up at 125 Wellington Street in Burkeville with parents Roy & Doris and her brother Ray.  The late Roy Dennis (and now son Dennis) own Roy Dennis Roofing.  Judy Stark now resides in Seattle and was able to identify some of the kids in picture ‘R’ she recognized #21, Sharron Paddington and in picture ‘V’ #11 Judy Dennis, #20 is Sharron Paddington and #33 is Gerry Tewnion – See


33)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) sends condolences to the O’Grady family on the passing of their mother, Dorothy Vivian O’Grady in July 2012.  Mrs. O’Grady once lived at 177 McDonald Road on Sea Island.


34)  The Sea Island Heritage Society regrets to pass along that Dan Esplen of Langley, B.C. passed away August 2012.  Dan was an enormous help to the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) by providing many vintage photos of R.C.A.F. personnel, activities and events there.  We’re thankful to Dan and send our most sincere condolences to Connie and family.  Dan’s RCAF Sea Island tribute titled “Memories” is on his website (under construction) at 


35)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is grateful to Wendy Sinclair-Smith (nee Knowlan) of San Fransisco, Calif. for bringing us up to date on her late mother’s work for Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd.  Gloria Knowlan (nee Franks) said in a Dec 31, 2010 email to Wendy,
“I did work for Boeing's.
That being said I trained at the school to learn how to drill holes ( in the right place).  I also did rivetting and filing with a file and got top marks for my work.
The course was for 6 weeks, but there were no jobs open for my training so they offered me a job in the office as a "gofer" ....see the article.
There I delivered inter-office mail, which meant that I had to deliver memos to the different shops in the shops where the planes were being assembled for shipping... So I never did any riveting as a job!
I was the mail clerk.
The stuff that you sent me was really interesting.
Yes, I worked at Sea Island (where the airport is now!!)
I wore my regular clothes and a white smock to cover my stuff, and had a button # 92 that gave me permission to travel through the plant to deliver inter –memos.
I was also required to wear a bandana on my hair-- those were the regulations we had to follow.
So I was never Rosie the Riveter!!!
I hope you enjoy this bit of info---it brought some memories back.”  We’ll look forward to hearing more about Gloria Franks time on Sea Island from Wendy.


36)  The Sea Island Heritage Society offers condolences to the families and friends of Shane Boutilier.  Shane’s sister-in-law posted on our SIHS guest book that Shane passed away in May 2012.  The Boutilier’s lived at 5 Catalina Crescent in the 1950s.


37)  In our archived webpage on Sea Island Missing Persons / Q&A PART I we mentioned that we were looking for details about the small memorial monument on the Iona Island spit trail.  We have since found out that it is for the October 20 1972 air crash of a Beech 35 N96567 flying from Aurora, Oregon to YVR, 2 people on board missing  CCG Hovercraft recovered minor debris approx. 7 miles off the end of runway 08, Vancouver Airport. 


38)  On Dec. 9, 1954 the Sea Island home of RCAF Wing Commander D. C. S. MacDonald offered the first “real” bed that just-released P.O.W. McKenzie slept in after being imprisoned for 2 yrs by the Red Chinese.  34-yr old Edmonton RCAF Sqn Ldr A.R. (Andy) MacKenzie stepped from a Canadian Airlines planes into the waiting arms of his grateful wife, Joyce 2 years and 3 days after he was shot down over North Korea while flying as an exchange officer with the U.S. Air Force.  Read more:,1915827&dq=rcaf+vancouver+1952&hl=en


39)  Glen Billwiller of Australia and formerly of 120 Douglas Crescent updated us with his new email address and his Dad’s time on Sea Island working for PWA and Air Canada.  Thanks for staying in touch Glen.  If anyone else wishes to say hello his email addy is

Glen also kindly provided many scans with his August 4 2012 email, including colour photos:

-          1966, of QCA Stranraer C-FBXO at Vancouver Airport Seaplane dock in a sunrise

-          Glen’s 6th birthday party pic at 120 Douglas Crescent Aug 12 1967 with kids

-          Glen’s 7th BD Party photo of all the kids

-          2 photos of the Dinsmore Bridge under construction c1968 or 1969

-          Glen and Heather Billwiller on Douglas Crecent (likely Aug 12 1967)

-           2 photos of Jeff and Heather Billwiller May 1969

-          New born Jeff Billwiller with his Dad Oct 1968 – one on banks of river, the other is of Heather pushing Jeff in a stroller on Douglas Crescent

-          Phil and Betty Ralph and “Mom Billwiller” Oct 1968

-          Above Ground pool on Sea Island c1968 with kids


40)  Ken McDonald was helpful to Bill Marles recently telling him all about trapping muskrats on Sea Island in the 1940s.  Bill said that he is doing a film / novel and one of his characters is a muskrat trapper; so he’s researching the role to be as authentic as possible.


41)  Ken McDonald also helped set the record straight about the number of dairy cows on Sea Island in the late 1940s.  Ken Said, “To the best of my recollection there were about a dozen milk producers on Sea Island in 1949.  I think about 750 milkers and with heifers and calves double that totalling roughly 1500 head of cattle. This is just a rough guess.”


42)  Can you please help document the history of the YVR Fire Department.  Jeff Willms said in a May 21 2012 email, “I am a firefighter at the Vancouver International Airport.  I am currently trying to gather information and or photos of anything to do with the fire service here at YVR to put together a book together of its history before it is lost . Seeing as you are the sea island heritage society I thought that you or some of your members may have some of this information or photos that I could use. You can contact me thru email at:

Thank You, Jeff Willms
Airfield Operations Specialist, Emergency Response Services
DIRECT: 604.276.6317 |  FAX: 604.276.6318 |


43)  In May 2012, thanks to Jim Whiting many more school students have been identified from the school class pictures on our webpage. Jim also said that his married daughter is raising triplets on Sea Island in Burkeville in the same house he grew up in.  Thanks for the updates Jim!


44)  The Sea Island Heritage Society would like to pass along sincere best wishes and

congratulations to Mrs. Allison Hetman of Courtenay, B.C.  At the April AGM for the Comox Air Force Museum Association Allison was awarded her well-deserved 20-year volunteer pin PLUS the 2012 Queen's Jubilee Medal in recognition of her selfless volunteer efforts.  The 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal which is being awarded to 40,000 military members and 20,000 civilians.  The Civilians have made a substantial donation of time and love to their volunteer community efforts.  Allison joined former WWII Spitfire pilot Stocky Edwards in achieving this recognition. 

Allison, the Museum’s volunteer librarian has been instrumental in helping to document the whereabouts of Sea Island-related military material and ensures that any former Sea Islanders that pass her way are re-directed to the Sea Island Heritage Society.  Allison’s father-in-law, Walter (Wilf) Hetman was posted to RCAF Sea Island during WWII in 1942.  His son Colin was born while they were there and Colin delivered newspapers on Sea Island.


45)  Ken Collins of Surrey BC worked for Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd 1942-44 on Sea Island.  His daughter Donna posted to the SIHS website guest book April 22, 2012.  In a May 12, 2012 telephone interview, Ken Collins said that he mainly worked in the Wings Shop #40 as a riveter.  He started out at 45 cents/hour and worked up to 76 cents an hour as a charge hand. Other stats he mentioned about Boeing: Living on W10th Ave, ½ block from Vancouver City Hall in a rooming house for $26.00/month he took Streetcar #17 to Marpole.  The Streetcar cost 7 cents.  From Marpole out to the Boeing Plant #3 on Sea Island cost 10 cents each way.  He ate in the Boeing Cafeteria and meals there cost 30 cents.  His sister-in-law, Margaret Collins worked in the cafeteria.  His riveting partner was (bucker) Bobbie Smith.  Bobbie was shorter and could fit into the tight spaces inside the wings.  The wings were also where the 1700 gallons of aircraft fuel was eventually stored.  Bobbie Smith owned a Morris car that had wood blocks on the pedals so he could reach them to drive.


46)  If you’d like to purchase a bit of aviation memorabilia, Tom Wilson of Abbotsford, B.C. has a couple of wooden propellers for sale.  Tom is a former BC Airlines Ltd. pilot on Sea Island (YVR Seaplane base) before he went to Port Hardy in 1956.  The propellers are not airworthy but are in excellent condition and suitable for hanging on the wall as a decoration.  Some people put clocks in the hub.  One has stainless steel edges, the other is pure wood.  He believes they were from a C-140 or Luscombe aircraft.  If interested, please contact Tom at

The B.C. Air Lines Ltd. company logo was an image of their little Seabee aircraft.  Tom recently told us about the BCA logo ink stamp that was placed on the outside of envelopes of mail that BCA pilot’s delivered up and down the coast of B.C. in the early to mid 1950s.  This image with the wording, “Courtesy of B.C. Air Lines Ltd.” made up the little red ink stamp.

Some interesting facts about BCA:

The following is a transcription of a clipping from the Financial Post November 1, 1969 page 39 regarding B.C. Airlines Ltd (AKA: B.C. Air Lines Limited, BCA)

Incorporated in 1943 and with planes in service three years later, B.C. Airlines Ltd. has become the largest operation of its kind, with services entirely within British Columbia.  It is a li­censed third-tier carrier having a fleet of some 30 aircraft located at the more important bases on the West Coast and in the inte­rior of the province.
Until this year, the com­pany operated mainly along the coast.  But it disposed of some of its services there to develop interior routes, and now B.C. Airlines is specializing in the community concept — carrying passengers and freight between Vancouver and such interi­or points as Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Castlegar, Williams Lake and Prince George.
It will operate planes in some coastal areas, notably between Vancouver and Tahsis and Tofino on Van­couver Island and some of the upcoast coastal commu­nities such as Ocean Falls.
B.C. Airlines' services in­clude not only regular flights between major B.C. points but feeder lines from secondary bases, fishing tours, air ambulance, contract and general charter flying. Personnel includes more than 30 pilots with long experience it: B.C. flying. Total staff consists of more than 120.
BCA claims to be the largest water-borne airline on the continent.
Until 1967, BCA operated only float-equipped am­phibious aircraft serving hundreds of separate com­munities with scheduled or charter flights.


Also see Doug Gent’s interesting website about BC Airlines Ltd at


47)  Former Burkeville resident and writer, art historian and photographer, Sabine Eiche, has done it again – written a guest editorial in the March 16 2012 Richmond News.  The newspaper column is about High Rises and birds and mentions Burkeville and the Sea Island Heritage Society.  Read more:


48)  The Sea Island Heritage Society is grateful to Mr. S G Jackson of Victoria for donating a book about Flying Boats, “Sunderland Squadrons of World War 2” by Jon Lake.  Mr. Jackson also emailed a link to an online article that includes a copy of a photo of a former Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd PBY Canso that was built on Sea Island during WWII.  Now in France but while with CPA flying out of Vancouver Airport was registered as CF-CRR.

Read more:


It was also nice to read on this above link to the Vintage Wings Canada website more about former RCAF PBY 11005 that was once with RCAF 121 Flight, Search & Rescue on Sea Island post war as well as up coastal B.C. with RCAF 9 (BR) Sqn at Bella Bella, B.C. during WWII.  This PBY5-A Canso was well-known for its waterbombing role with the Saskatchewan Government as C-FNJF and was in Nanaimo for about 7 years before being purchased by the Catalina (Society) Aircraft Co. Ltd. The Cartier, Quebec-built Catalina G-PBYA has been being given new nose art, “Miss Pickup” in Duxford, England.  Thanks to Don Phillips we were able to purchase a copy of the February 2012 issue of Flypast Magazine with this information and photos in it.  Thx Don. 


For you flying enthusiasts, C-FNJF was purchased by Duxford-based Catalina Aircraft Ltd in August 2002. The company had been formed to enable 20 shareholders to own a share of this classic piece of aviation history.  The aircraft was returned to fully airworthy state in Nanaimo, B.C. in 2004.  After a long, arduous and sometimes breathtaking flight from B.C. down the coast of the States and across the southern USA and back up to Gander, Nfld; C-FNJF hopped over the Atlantic to the U.K.  It now regularly flies in European air shows operated by Plane Sailing Ltd from Duxford Airfield, England.  Read more:


Mr. S. G. Jackson also kindly submitted his book in April 2012 “PBY Catalina in Action” by Capt W.E. Scaborough, USN (et.) and a copy of an article from the May 1968 magazine, Air Classics “Canadian Catalinas in Action” by Robert Grant.  Both are excellent to read and to get an understanding of the difference makes and models and production numbers of the PBYs, including the 362 that were made by Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd on Sea Island during WWII.  Many thanks again Stoney.


49)  As noted on the invitation to attend the AGM at Campbell River in May 2012, the British Columbia Historical Federation celebrated its 90th Anniversary so the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them.  Anyone seeking further information can look it up at  


50)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Marchant (1943-2012) and sends condolences to his Bill’s family and friends.  Vic and Veva Marchant lived at 268 Miller Road on the east end of Miller Road where the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel is now.  Vic Marchant was the groundskeeper for the Halse and Donegani property and was a Frasea Farms milkman in the Bridgeport area of Richmond, B.C.  Vic & Veva had a son, Bill Marchant that was a trucker.  Also the Sea Island Heritage Society sends condolences to the family of Bob Fitchett who passed away in early March 2012.  The Fitchett’s lived at 230 Cannery Road in 1938-39 when Mr. Norton Fitchett taught school at the Japanese School at the Acme Cannery.  Norton Fitchett became Principal of Bridgeport School after that.

The late Carl Grauer recalled the Halse family lived there first on where the hotel and CPA offices are.  The estate was very well landscaped with lots of chestnut trees and seemingly used only as a summer home.  The
Donegani family bought their Sea Island place on 15 acres from George Halse in 1938.    Carl said it was a big house with a caretaker’s house where a Mr. and Mrs. Marchant lived and they had a son named Vic.  Mr. Marchant was a greens keeper at a golf course and had two dogs trained to find golf balls.  Noreen Dornan recalls Mrs. Marchant who did a lot of sewing and thinks the son (Bill) was a paper boy. Noreen Dornan remembers going to the caretaker’s house several times with her mother Evelyn Murphy, who was president of the Sea Island Red Cross during the war to deliver wool etc. and would pick up finished stuff from Sea Island residents for the soldiers overseas.


51)  In Part I of our Sea Island Heritage Society Missing Persons / Q&A webpage # 224, we asked who Woodward’s Highway on Sea Island was named for.  No longer there, it was located in the Eburne area of Sea Island’s NE corner.  Thanks to a March 2012 email from “RD” we now have a better idea ....” Shirley Woodward Grauer Owen (1910-1982), was a scion of the Woodward family of department store fame.

   i.e.  Woodward’s Highway was a small road in the NE corner of Sea Island in the small but thriving community of Eburne between the Eburne and Marpole Bridges in the late thirties. It housed a few residents near Grauer’s Store and Blacksmith shop. It later became part of Airport Road. Residents who lived there once included: Les and Carl Grauer, Burns Welding Shop, a filling station, Riedlingers, Rutherfords, J.W. McGinness, Postmaster and the Post Office. Former BC Hydro Chairman and UBC Chancellor Dal Grauer’s wife was a Shirley Woodward. Could her family have resided on Sea Island at one time? Nathan WOODWARD and his son Dan were two of the original 1879 patentees when the Municipality of Richmond was created. Apparently they were residing Lulu Island in 1901. Perhaps they held land on Sea Island too? Does anyone have any idea who it was named after? – Now we know (see above), thanks to RD.


52)  “RD” also said in his March 3, 2012 email that he has a piece of Sea Island history, ...”the Grauer’s Store comptometer, resides on my bookshelf. My family inherited it from the late George G. Grauer, whose father, Gus Grauer, ran the family dairy farm on Sea Island until its expropriation in the mid-Fifties.”   So, many thanks for sharing the story of that small piece of Sea Island’s history.  Who has some stories about visiting the Frasea Farms on Grauer Road?


53)  If you saw the movie “RV” starring Robin Williams you would have seen the vintage 1948 Flxible (sic) Clipper motorcoach used in the film.  In the 1940s and 50s and likely into the 1960’s, the Vancouver Airport used a transport city bus called the Airporter, very similar to the bus in the film.  We believe that it was simply called “Airporter” for service between the airport on Sea Island and downtown Vancouver hotel points and the bus depot.  Who has knowledge of this bus service, the Company and just as importantly to document, who can share photos of the blue-coloured Airporter and/or the bus drivers and other support staff?  Were these buses Belgian made or were they made by Grumman in the USA?


54)  The Spring 2012 issue of Archive News Vol 17, No 1 by the Richmond, B.C. Archives makes note of a wonderful gift to the Richmond Archives of 4500 aviation photos by Rena, widow of Mr Gordon Irons who was a pilot, photographer and at one time worked as a control tower operator at Vancouver Airport YVR.

Become a member of the Friends of Richmond Archives to obtain your own copy.  There is as online version:

The cover of this newsletter also mentions that Harry Pride used 70 of the Irons Collection in his 2010 book, “A Life With Wings: Growing Up with Aviation in Richmond, B.C.”


55)              The above aviation book by Harry Pride is available at the Canadian Museum of Flight located at the Langley Airport.  Check out their website at   There’s even a link to their eBay gift store.


56)              Gail Yip is a Committee member of the Burnaby Heritage Schools.  She is part of a volunteer group writing and compiling the history of Burnaby Schools—1894 to the present day.  Gail said in a Feb 23 2012 email, “The other committee members are Janet White, committee chair and retired languages department head. Harry Pride, retired high school vice-principal, Dave Carter, retired school principal, and Rosemary Cooke, retired elementary school teacher.  Janet, Dave and I are also former Burnaby high school graduates.  I am the only layperson but have a strong interest in Burnaby history.
We are supported by The Burnaby School Board and B.C. Retired Teachers.  In addition, the City of Burnaby, through the Heritage Commission, has been a passionate sponsor from the start and will be doing graphic layout and publishing of the book.
Each school library will receive a complimentary copy.
Profits from the sale of the book will go to scholarships for Burnaby High School students.
The focus of our coffee table-style book is not just to publish the histories of the school buildings, but to “humanize” the book by including interesting stories, anecdotes, and personal pictures of sports teams, social events, unusual school rules and customs.
One special section will be dedicated to our “celebrity sons and daughters” who attended  school in Burnaby.
That being said, we are hoping you will contribute a short narrative or picture of either a school experience or memory.  It need not be long, 100 words is fine.  Could you please make your submission by April 30, 2012?
We ask that you send your narrative to
Our target date for publication is early next year.  Thank you for your consideration”


The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) wish the Burnaby Heritage Schools Committee great success with their project.   The SIHS would also encourage present and former students and teachers to contribute their memories and photos of Sea Island Elementary School and other schools linked by Sea Island.  Please contact any Executive member of our board.  Thank you.


57)               The Sea Island Heritage Society is grateful to both former Pacific Western Airlines employees Al Watson and Dan Dertien for providing some older photos of PWA DC-3 and B727 aircraft and photos of other aircraft at YVR.


58)              It was nice to see more hellos on postings to our SIHS website guest book in February from Theresa Scribner (nee Frontin) of Darlings Island, NB.  Theresa mentioned her 50th Grad Reunion coming up in Sept 2012 for Richmond High School.  If you know of details of this or any other Grad Reunions involving Sea Island ‘grads’ we’d be pleased to mention them on our website too.


59)              Sharlene de Bruyn posted on our SIHS website guest book about her mother, Agnes Muriel Solloway working for Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd during WWII.  If anyone knows more about Mrs. Solloway’s time at Boeing we’d be pleased to pass it along to her through Sharlene


60)              Ken Brodie of Ladner also said hello on our website guest book and provided a quick bio of his time on Sea Island, both in the Burkeville Subdivision and after marrying staying on the island and moving to the Tapp Road Subdivision.  Thanks to all 3 of you for posting and for your interest in keeping Sea Island’s history “alive”!


61)              The Sea Island Heritage Society regrets to learn of the passing of Mrs Janna Alblas in February 2012.  Her daughter Elsje of Burkeville passed away only last year.  Condolences go to both of their friends and families.


62)              Eunice Robinson, Pres. Sea Island Heritage Society teamed up with Sabine Eiche, former Burkeville resident, a freelance journalist, artist, and photographer to interview Sabine’s neighbour Dorothy.  Dorothy Vaughan of Richmond, B.C. said in the February 6, 2012 interview that the Vaughan family lived in the Burkeville Subdivision of Sea Island from their arrival in Vancouver (from England) in 1957.  Dorothy and Bill Vaughan and Dorothy’s mother, Florence (Florie) Goodall lived on Grauer Road and Boeing Avenue on Sea Island until moving to Lulu Island in 1969.  Thank you all for providing an update on the Vaughan presence on Sea Island.

Dorothy kindly loaned some of her photos for Eunice to scan. 

Bill Vaughan Air Canada retirement
Mrs. Florence (Florie) Goodall - Life Membership, ANAFV Ladies Auxiliary No.80
Florence Goodall on Santas left with #285 Army Navy & Air Force Veterans Auxiliary Ladies
Florence Goodall & sister Annie Scofield
Dorothy Vaughan Feb 1958
Dorothy Vaughan & daughter Diane Jan 1958
Diane Vaughan
Diane & David Vaughan

The above Army Navy & Air Force Veterans (ANAFV) #285 photo of the Ladies Auxiliary is double interesting as one of our Director’s mother is in this one - Mrs. Etta Thompson.  Grant Thompson has been busy tracking down former ANAFV members or their descendants to obtain all the ladies’ names.  So far he has come up with I.D. on his Mom, Mrs. Florence Goodall, Mrs. Marie Slater, Mrs. Marg Roper (later McGregor), and Mrs. Evelyn Duncan.  SIHS says thanks to Mrs. Dorothy Vaughan and Grant Thompson.


63)              Joanne Routhier of Wakefield, Quebec posted to our SIHS website guest book on Feb. 11, 2012 seeking information on her husband’s DANIELS family’s early history on Lulu Island (Richmond, B.C.).  Joanne, in part, said, “My husband’s great grand father, Ely Gerrard (his birth name was Elzeard Girard from Quebec) married Mary Agnes Daniels from Lulu Island. Her father was John Daniels from England and came to Canada with his family.”


To know the early history of Lulu Island is also to understand the early history of Sea Island, both of Richmond, British Columbia.

The Daniels family is first introduced on page 20 of the online book, “History of Lulu Island and occasional Poems” by Thomas Kidd, 1927.  The Chapter titled “Eburne’s Dramatic Arrival” tells the story of Eburne’s 18-hr rowboat trip around Point Grey to meet Christopher Wood of Sea Island and later the Daniels family.  One of whom he’d be somewhat ‘related’ to through a connection to his foster parents, the Girard’s. 


W. H. (Harry) Eburne, in his 20th year, came to B. C. with his foster parents, Charles and Mrs. Cridland. That was a winter when the Fraser River was longer closed by ice than any winter the writer has ever seen, being closed early in the first week in January to the middle of March. In consequence the good old steamer "Enterprise" could not go up the Fraser to New Westminster, and therefore had to go around to Burrard Inlet to land passengers, mail and freight there, some at Gastown (Granville) but most of the above at the end of the Douglas Road (then called Maxi's, now Hastings) to be hauled to New Westminster by sleigh, stage or wagon. As Harry Eburne and the Cridland's wanted to get to Christopher Wood's place on Sea Island by the shortest route they got off at Gastown and stopped over night at the Deighton (Gassy Jack's) Hotel. There were no roads through the woods to the North Arm at that time, so they had to go by row boat. The man they hired to take them to their destination was one who, if he were alive now, would not help those whose efforts are directed to bring prohibition in force in this province, and the partner he took with him was in the same class. However, the exhaustion of spirits and a sleep in the bottom of the boat, somewhere off Point Grey, brought a revival of the efforts of the boatmen and they got to Christopher Wood's place at midnight, about eighteen hours after they left Gastown. It is interesting and somewhat amusing to hear Harry Eburne tell the story of that trip.

At the home of Christopher Wood, whom they knew in Ontario, they found a hearty welcome. In the spring and summer of 1875, Harry Eburne worked for Fitzgerald McCleery and other farmers, but in the late summer and fall undertook to cut cordwood and other work in the woods. In this work he was joined as partners by Wm. and A. H. Daniels, and later by Dan Daniels—three brothers just arrived from England, to be followed by the rest of the Daniels family the following year. 


There is much more information about the Daniels family scattered throughout the book. Read more at:


Thanks also to Bill Purver, Archivist, City of Richmond, for providing Joanne and Josh Routhier and the Sea Island Heritage Society more about the significant Richmond DANIELS families:

1. A copy of a 1965 obit from the Richmond Review summarizing the life of Alfred H. Lockwood Daniels, son of A.H. Daniels.

2. A summary of resolutions of Richmond Council from 1880-1922 which named members of the Daniels family

3. A photograph of the old Daniels home after it was destroyed by fire in 1965.

4. a great deal more information in reference material on the family was provided in two thick pdf documents.

Bill Purver also mentioned that a geological feature in Richmond was named after the family as "Daniels Slough", that being a slough that ran by their property in East Richmond.  It is more generally known now as Bath Slough. 

Read more at the City of Richmond Archives


64)              The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is grateful for Vicky Taylor (nee Dack) and other former RCAF Sea Island “PMQ kids” for continually updating us on so many of the Air Force families.  Many of those kids from the 1950 and 1960s are now Grandmas and Grandpas.  Vicky also helped identify some of the Sea Island School and Cambie Junior High School studnets from class pictures.  Thanks Vicky

I hesitate to call any of them Military ‘brats’ but according to one website I saw the definition of a military B.R.A.T.  Well, there is a whole culture of people in Canada who are proud to be called brat.  They are the Armed Forces Brats (Borne, Raised And Transferred Somewhere).


65)              In tracking down the names of the RCAF tender craft / rescue launches or supply vessels assigned to Vancouver (Jericho Beach) and/or Sea Island during the war and post war; especially in the early 1950s before the Flying Boat School moved from Sea Island to Patricia Bay, we have been in touch with people seeking information on the former RCAF vessel, “M-427, B.C. Star”.  Mike P kindly brought our attention to military historian Hugh Halliday’s excellent series of articles in the online Legion Magazine.  Mike said in a recent email that there’s an article in the Legion Magazine titled “Air Force - On The Water” (Sep-Oct 2011 edition, page 50). With the loss of 16 men, it was indeed a supply mission that resulted in the largest loss of life in the history of the [RCAF] Marine Branch. The M-427 B.C. Star, a former fishing vessel, departed Bella Bella on July 24, 1943, bound for Rose Harbour in the Queen Charlottes. 

Read more:

In January 2012, A. Hetman of the Comox Air Force Museum submitted an old newspaper clipping from the Victoria “Times Colonist” newspaper dated August 25, 1943 headlined “B.C. Star Is Presumed Total Loss”.

While we have no information to suggest that the B.C. Star was associated with Sea Island, it, along with the rest of the marine squadron certainly played a role in the lives of the RCAF servicemen and women and their families in isolated communities that did rotate through the different coastal stations, including the RCAF base on Sea Island. Thank you Mike.

One of our SIHS Directors responded saying, “I was in the [VPD] Dog squad in the mid-60s and we were located in the old motor pool of the Jericho ACAF base. There was still 2 motor rescue vessels stationed there. They were RCAF crash boats named the Mallard and the Moorhen. These were eventually taken over by the Canadian Coast Guard as were the men who operated them and used for many years. I don’t know what ever became of the tow boats. GT”


66)              David Wahl of Kitimat BC kindly submitted a CD of his Sea Island School photos in January 2012.  Hopefully we can post some of those soon.  Thanks Dave.


67)              Thanks to Ralph Conley, and John McAstocker for helping to identify Pete Belton and Jim Lane in an old B&W photograph of Amos Beckman in front of his Richmond Tugboat office on Sea Island with one, as yet, unidentified, man.  Is it Ken Brewster?


68)               The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is sad to learn of the passing of two former residents of the Burkeville subdivision in January 2012:  Berne Rempel and Neil McEachnie.  The Rempels lived at 25 Douglas.  Berne’s father was a mechanic at the Boeing plant on Sea Island during the war. 

We were also saddened to hear the loss of Neil McEachnie formerly of Catalina Crescent in Burkeville.  The SIHS extends its sympathy to the family and friends of Berne Rempel and Neil McEachnie.


69)              The Vancouver Sun newspaper is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2012 and is running a special space for its history over the past 100 years.  One of the photos shows the British Concorde aircraft making an appearance at Sea Island (YVR) on Jan 21, 1975, or was it Jan 21, 1976?  Who can tell SIHS the correct date?  On a side note, Ernie Kilroe, Doug Barry and Gary Harris assisted the Sea Island Heritage Society with other photos of the Concorde’s 1986 visit.  Thanks guys.  Anyone else have photos or information on any of its visits?


70)  Former Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd draftsman, Jack Nellist submitted a story to the Vancouver Sun about the building of the centre section of the B-29 bombers at Plant #3, Sea Island, during WWII.  Read more:

As part of the rare appearance of a B-29 at the Vancouver Civic Airport on Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.) Boeing employees were treated with invitations to attend the exciting event and some were given a photograph of a B-29 flying in formation near Seattle.  Employee, John (Jack) Phillip’s son, Don was kind enough to provide Jack Nellist (and SIHS) with a copy of his father’s print.  Thanks Jack and Don.  And thanks to former Boeing bucker/riveter, Doreen Solly for a copy of her special invitation to attend the January 21, 1945 Boeing Open House and B-29 appearance.


71)              We were also treated to a glimpse of the work of the Boeing social athletic club at the WWII Boeing Plants at Terminal and Main streets in Vancouver and the Boeing Aircraft Plant on Sea Island.  It seems that two employees of these plants met and fell in love.  Betty Anderson tells a bit of her story on page J8 in the 100th Anniversary Special issue of the Vancouver Sun newspaper, Sat., February 11, 2012.


72)              Who can tell the Sea Island Heritage Society about Ewart Clugston, blacksmith (1905 Henderson’s BC Directory for Eburne).  Likely related to the Clugston family of Marpole who ran a successful hardware store there.  Probably the Clugston and Barton store in Marpole (Vancouver, B.C.) as seen in a 1906 photo in the Richmond Archives.  There is also an Isaac CLUGSTON in the 1898 BC Voter’s List at Eburne, BC (Wric).  Was the location of this blacksmith in Eburne near or beside Grauer’s General Store on Sea Island?  Are there any [other?] Sea Island connections to these two from a pioneering B.C. family? 


73)              Who can help us out with their class photos?  The Sea Island Heritage Society is seeking a couple of photos for Sea Island Elementary School, Richmond, B.C.  One is 1947-48 Grades 3 and 4 split class: Teacher Mrs. M. A. (Anne) Reid.  The other is for a Sea Island School grade 3 class photograph for teacher, Mrs. Dorothy A. Newton’s Division 6, class in 1957/58.  Thank you.


74)              We trust that 2012 brings you and yours peace and happiness. You’ve made a wise choice if, on your annual list of resolutions, you’ve added the idea to submit your family history or to share Sea Island memories to help document Sea Island’s rich history.


75)              Help us get the facts straight.  If you see any errors or ommissions on our website please bring them to our attention.  Contact any member of our 2012 Executive at the above numbers or email addresses.  Thx.


76)              Carole Lefler was delighted to report that Mrs. Challoner and Carole exchanged Christmas cards in 2011.  Of course, from the early days, you may remember Mrs. Challoner as Miss L.E. MacKenzie, Sea Island Elementary School’s long time, favourite, grade one teacher from the early 1950’s, 60’ and 1970’s and perhaps beyond.  Who else recalls Miss MacKenzie or Mrs. Challoner? 


77)              We’re still looking for a permanent home in the lower mainland for our growing collection of Memorabilia, photographs, documents and our many display binders, etc.

There’s been little or no progress in our efforts since Sharon Bordeleau raised the issue in December 2007.  Sharon highlighted the fact that the Sea Island Heritage Society is committed, to documenting the history of Sea Island from the early pioneers until the present.  She said, “We are collecting stories and pictures that depict the life and times of an era that has pretty much disappeared.  We also are documenting the businesses that have contributed to the community in the past and those that have replaced them.

We have an enormous amount of material that is strewn about in several households making it difficult to properly display and promote our efforts.

We are a group of dedicated volunteers and the Society has been in existence since 2001, with several members being active in collecting material for many years previous to that.

My point is, we need a permanent home.  We need this as well to qualify for the many grants that are available to historical projects.”  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions in this regard?  Sharon added that placing a small commemorative information plaque in or near the old Burkeville Firehall on the history of Sea Island somewhere on the Island would be of historic value.  And remember that your support by buying the annual $5 membership all helps in this regard too!


78)              Seen in passing: I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. (Winston Churchill) on the website of former Sea Island resident Sabine Eiche: 

According to one of the old school class registers, Sabine Eiche of 329 Douglas Cres., Richmond, Vanc., B.C. attended Sea Island School Grade 1, Div. 8, 1956/57, Miss L. E. MacKenzie.  We have a school class photograph in what we believe to be the same 1956-57 grade one year.  It is also posted online at:

Can you please help identify the kids in this grade one class at Sea Island School photo.  Kindly send us the names by their I.D. numbers. i.e. Fred Eastman is #26 in this photo? So far we have identified the following.  Do we have any of them incorrectly identified?:

Sea Island School Division 8, Grade one class 1956/57 - Miss MacKenzie:

Top row l-r: 1) _____ __________, 2) Paul Jackson, 3) _____ ___________, 4) Richard Alexander, 5)_____ ___________, 6) _____ ____________, 7) Dewar Boutilier.

Second Row down from top, l-r: Miss MacKenzie, 8) _____ ___________, 9) Mike Mogul, 10) _____ ___________, 11) _____ ____________, 12) _____ ___________, 13) _____ ______________, 14) Kathy Stokes (?)


Third row down from top, l-r: 15) _____ ___________, 16) _____ ___________, 17) Noreen Lidkea, 18) _____ ___________, Butts ?, 19) _____ ___________, 20) _____ ___________, 21) _____ ___________, 22) _____ ___________, 23) _____ ___________, 24) Val Hammell (?)


Bottom Row, l-r: 25) _____ ___________, 26) Fred Eastman, 27) _____ ___________, 28) Danny Hamblin, 29) _____ ___________, 30) _____ ___________, 31) Gary Legault.

Sabine Eiche responded in a December 30 2011 email, “Alas, I can't identify anyone on the 1956-57 class photo.

I definitely remember that Miss MacKenzie was my teacher. She was a lovely lady. My mother couldn't praise her enough.

The only other name I recognize on your list is Legault, and I have a vague notion that he had a sister (Janice?) who was in my grade. If I remember correctly, they lived on Hudson, just around the corner from Douglas Crescent.

I've written a column for the Richmond News for sometime in January that focuses on the Tom-Boy supermarket and the candy store at the end of that 'strip'. I've got a photo taken late 1956 of my mother and me standing in front of Tom-Boy. It was taken shortly after our arrival, so perhaps November 1956.

I have lots of memories of Burkeville from those years, 1956-59 (after which we moved to Leslie Road), and I would love to share them. I'd also love to hear more about other former Burkeville children.

If you have any recollection of the other stores that were in the Tom-Boy 'strip', I'd be grateful if you could share them with me. I remember the candy-newspaper-tobacco store being the last one in that string, but I don't know anymore what came in between.


Who can help us out with photos and names of the businesses on the little strip mall near the corner of Miller Road and the Airport Road before the Russ Baker Way was built?

Sabine’s column “Adopting The Two Faces Of Janus” is in the January 6, 2012 edition of the Richmond News: Read more:

Sabine added in a February 1, 2012 email that the photo of the Sea Island Tom Boy Grocery store is on her website


79)              Please note that our membership is in dire straights.  If we have a contact address and/or email for you, you may receive a personal appeal to help support the Sea Island Heritage Society.  The membership annual fee remains at a low costs of only $5.00 each per year.  For those of you that are already SIHS Members, thank you for your continuing support.


80)              Chris McPhie said in a Jan. 14, 2012 email, “I have recently purchased a home on Vancouver Island and believe that it may have been in the Cora Brown subdivision (Sea Island) – watch for a photo of  Chris’ lovely home on our Cora Brown webpage in the near future.  Perhaps you’ll be able to identify the house and who, in the Cora Brown VLA Subdivision it was built by or who occupied it over the years before it was barged off Sea Island.


81)              Cambie Junior High Alumni is on Facebook
A group for all those who attended Cambie Junior High School in Richmond BC. The school was destroyed by fire, but the memories remain...
Sign up for Facebook to connect with Cambie Junior High Alumni.  Please let us know if you run across any former Sea Island classmates.


82)              The website lists many of the present and former students for Sea Iusland School.  We’re also interested in listing them too so please ensure that we have your name and the years you attended Sea Island School and where on Sea Ilsand you lived at the time.  In particular, and as a tribute, we’d like to list all of the students that attended the 1947 inaugural year.  Students such as Betty Hickman are listed on classmates there in 1947.  Is anyone still in touch with her or can tell us anything about how to contact her?


83)              Can anyone else help identify more of the students in photo “J” on our Sea Island Elementary School Class Pictures webpage.  Someone recently thought that the girl in the middle row, second from the left was Joan Tewnion, yet Joan’s name doesn’t show up on the copy of an old school register we have. 


Boys on bottom row identified so far incl:

Keith Abbott,

Reg McDonald,

John Cruikshank

Larry Volen

3 names missing
you'd think out of the 7 boys in the bottom row that we'd be able to ID more than just the 4 so far.

other "boys" names we have on that old class register are:

Robert Frederick Berry, 116 Douglas

Robert Davidson (no address given)

Norman Glass 342 Croyle (sic) Ave

Douglas Stanley Parker 205 Handley

Thomas Paul, 668 Heakes Ave

Victor David Samuels 3412 Normandy

John Scobel (no address given)

John Winters (no address given)

James Edward Whiting 133 Catalina


Who else does anyone recognize in photo “J” ….or any of the other posted class pictures.  Thanks for you help. 

Bob Hubbard replied in Dec 2011 that Bob Davidson lived at 54 Lancaster Crescent.  Thx Bob.


84)  With his above December 29, 2011 email, Bob Hubbard kindly submitted a scan of a photo of the new fire truck that the Burkeville Firehall (R.F.D. #4) received.  The photo shows both the old pumper and the new one.  Bob thought he recognized one of the gentlemen in the photo as the first Chief, Wilf Clark of the Richmond Auxiliary Fire Service (R.A.F.S.).  Thanks Bob.

SIHS is not sure of the photo date; likely 1952, but could also be 1947-1950ish.  Mr. E. J. Burke was the first Sea Island Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief about April 1944.

Laura Clark responded in a February email that the person standing near the back of the old Burkeville fire truck was quite likely her husband Don Clark’s father, Wilf.  The Burkeville Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed in 1952 under Chief W. E. (Wilf) Clark.  We’re still documenting anything to do with the little Fire Hall on Lancaster Crescent  Does anyone have any stories to share, mementoes, photos or a newspaper clipping about it or its personnel?  Does anyone have any photos they can share of the 2011 demolition of the old Burkeville Fire Hall on Lancaster Crescent, Sea Island?

Bob is at it again! In November 2012 Bob Hubbard submitted a scan of his parents c1943 Notice of Accommodation.  Bob said in his Nov. 15, 2012 email, “that is the formal notice sent to my Mom & Dad regarding the commitment by Wartime Housing Limited to assign a new house at 74 Lancaster Crescent, Eburne, BC, to them as their new residence.  Unfortunately, the notice is not dated, and there is no stipulated starting date for their occupation.  It was recorded that Dad was employed by Boeing Aircraft of Canada, in Radio Shop 63.  this document was signed by A.D. Terry, for Wartime Housing. 

            I’m quite sure that there aren’t many of these documents that have survived the last 69 years, and I feel fortunate that I am in possession of this one”.

Does anyone else out there have copies of these small 3 x 5” cards they could share details with us?  Norm and Rene Eastman received one for an Oct 26 1945 possession date for 233 Boeing Avenue; as RCAF F/Lt Mr. N.D. Eastman’s return from overseas was not until Dec 15, 1945.


85)  Does anyone recall when we posted in our previous “Missing Person Webpage”.....Where is Louie Wekeen? (b. c1927).  There is a newspaper clipping from an August 1939 Vancouver Sun describing how one of their paper carriers got to be a circus performer for a day at Sea Island.  He was Louis "Louie" Wekeen, 12 years old, of 658 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC.  We would like to get in touch with him or anyone else who attended the Circus performance when it came to Sea Island in August 1939.  Do you remember the Elephants grazing in Grauer's fields?  If anyone has photographs, old ticket stubs, newspaper clippings or souvenir programs of this or any other Sea Island event, please contact any of the Sea Island Heritage Society members.

     Here’s a possible update on our search for (then) young Louie!  Sharon Bordeleau is still busy transcribing the Norm Findlay Collection of WWII ‘wartime’Boeing Beams and recently came across a similar name.  Now we have to wonder if Louise Wekeen (sp?) is actually Louie Wikene?

The Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd Volume 1, Number 3. February 3, 1943 of the employee Newsletter BOEING BEAM mentions a Vera WIKENE in Plant 2 (Vancouver location) column titled “Shavings”.  Does anyone know of this Vera Wikene and could she be the mother of then 12-yr old Louie?  P.S.   Thank you Sharon.  Your transcribing and research help in the past is acknowledged and appreciated!


86)  Does any know the whereabouts of the McManus family of 157 Abercrombie?  Bradley McManus attended Sea Island School in the 1950s.


87)  Many thanks to another former Boeing worker’s family member for stepping forward.  The family member wanted to honour Mother on her upcoming 90th birthday by collecting data and history about her Mom’s wartime workplace on Sea Island.  She contributed her Mom’s “Boeing” story; and will be sending some photos.  We’ll look forward to documenting them too.  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) is grateful for this and pleased we were able to help each other.


88)  Christopher Garrish has a nifty website about the history of vehicle licence plates in British Columbia.  He has photos of many of the examples.  Check out Chris's website:  Scroll down to 'National Defence' and take a look at the military plates – You’ll even see an RCAF Sea Island one there (1957) Very cool.  In 2005 Mike Lederer of Surrey, B.C. had a vehicle with veteran plates and displayed in his back window was a small 1957 license plate (like a business plate) It had the number R-794 on it and the words Sea Island on it. Mike said that he was stationed at the Sea Island Airforce Base and that you needed that plate on your car in order to drive on the base. It was issued by the Air Force and you could not get past the guards at the base entrance without ID and this plate.  Does anyone know the signifance of the numbering sytsem on these plates or have any of these plates or have additional information on the purpose they served?


89)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) thanks all that attended the 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Open House on Sat. Nov. 19, 2011 in Delta, BC at the Ladner Pioneer Library.  Please remember to follow through with offers of photos and family stories.  Your offers to let others know about our Society is also appreciated. 

For further information, please call Eunice for further details. (604) 596-2811.


We were fortunate to receive the following:


A copy of an 8.5” x 11” Golden Anniversary of Powered Flight, Air Show program, Sunday, July 12, 1959, Van International Airport, kindly donated to the Sea Island Heritage Society – sent by Tom Wilson Feb 2011.  He said that it's in reasonable condition - a little yellowed and a little musty smelling – “but hey, it's a treasure.  I found it amongst hundreds of old aviation magazines that I was given.  I'm sure there are more goodies”.


Former CAC 111 Sqn (RCAF) member Rusty Hopper donated an Airforce Pamphlet and displayed his interesting photo album.


Photos that were submitted earlier in the year were turned over to Eunice included some from Ursula Wienecke (original photo of SI Airport 1938) and D. Rowden, of Ottawa, Ont


Butch G. advised us that the McDonald’s Restaurant on Sea Island has a small pic on their wall that was found in a garage sale and donated to them.  It has former Burkeville resident (and former RCAF, Sea Island member) Oscar Neilsen in it, 3rd from beginning. 


90)  Thanks to Joan in Courtenay, B.C. for contacting us about her father who worked for Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd during WWII at the Sea Island Plant #3.  Her father now lives in Chilliwack

Joan visited him in November to see what memorabililia and stories he had to share for our Sea Island history project.  Joan added, “I think Dad left the plant in 1944 – he worked in the sheet metal shop, the template shop and finished up as an employee in the office.

On Nov 25 and 26, Joan supplied scans of many of her Dad’s memorabilia, including the following:


Boeing/Sea Island History


List of Vic Clarke’s Documents and Memorabilia November, 2011


 Boeing Beam Newsletters


February 17

March 17 and 31

April 14 and 28

May 12 and 26

June 9

October 13 and 29*

November 10 and 24

December 8 and 22



January 7 and 21**

February 4 and 18

March 3 and 17

April 28

May 12 and 26


*  October 29, 1943 includes article on choosing Burkeville name (and photo of signpost) and also includes a photograph of the “buttons” worn by Boeing employees (Page 5)


**  Jan.21, 1944 edition includes article about moving into Burkeville homes


Boeing Patrol (glossy employee newsletter)

Vol.1 – No. 1 – June 1942

Also have two other Boeing Patrols (no date)  1941-42?


Canadian Aviation Magazine September 1942

·      Includes Boeing PBY first flight and many photos


Vancouver Daily Province newspaper article Monday June 2, 1941

 (original clipping titled “Heroic Work of Airmen and Firemen Saves Huge Aircraft Factory”)

·      Includes story of Boeing Plant 3 Fire of June 1 with photos by Daily Province photographer C.P. Dettloff

·      Also includes story “The Sea Island Bridge” about the need for an adequate  bridge across the North Arm of the Fraser

Scans of the above June 2 1941 newspaper articles were received June 26 2011.


Newspaper Clipping and Photo of Brisbane Aviation School at Vancouver Civic Airport titled “New Aviation School Occupied”  Date Unknown



Other Documents:


·      Blotter paper:  “Aviation Beckons Canadian Youth – Train Now” from Brisbane Aviation Co. Ltd., Box No. 35, Eburne, BC.


·      Pay stubs:  Boeing Aircraft of Canada Limited, Vancouver BC (many)


·      Poem:  “Ode to Mayhem” written by a female employee at Plant 3


·      Work orders: 2 samples from Boeing Plant 3


·      Letter of Reference for V.M. Clarke on Boeing Aircraft of Canada, Vancouver letterhead, written by D.H. Love April 12, 1944




·      Boeing Canada patch from coveralls


·      Union pin: I A of F Local 756 – A F of L Vancouver


The Poem “Ode To Mayhem, author unknown, is included here for all to enjoy.  The Sea Island Heritage Society would be grateful if anyone knew who the author of this poem is so that we can give credit.  There is a possibility that the author was an Irene Holmes (or alternate spelling) at Plant 3.  Can anyone help with that as a clue?:


1940s Poem:

“Ode to Mayhem” author unknown

(written by a female employee at Boeing Aircraft (Canada Ltd), Plant 3, Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.)



“Ode to Mayhem”
































Thank you so much again Joan and Vic.  Much appreciated your contributions to the history of Sea Island


91)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) expresses sorrow over the tragic aircraft accident near the corner of Russ Baker Way and the entrance to the Dinsmore Bridge on Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.) on Oct 27, 2011.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved.  We are heartened by the heroes who rushed to help the survivors while risking their own lives.  Thank you from all of us.


92)  Brian Croft is seeking the exact location of Thomas Hamilton’s training aircraft that crashed on November 6, 1916. It turns out it crashed in Richmond contrary to previously published accounts. It was reported in a Sun article to have occurred on a farm 10 minutes walk north of the Blundell BCER station. The farm is referred to as the Rose Farm.  Does anyone know the location of the (then) Rose Farm or have any information about the accident?


93)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) was saddened to receive an obituary for former Sea Islander (Burkeville) Dale Gordon of Penticton, B.C.  Dale and his family lived on Douglas Crescent in the 1950s.  Another obituary has come to our attention.  Jackson Edward Ormson of Nanton, Alberta passed away earlier this year.  The Ormson family lived on Wellington Crescent in the 1950s.  The Sea Island Heritage Society passes on since condolences to both the Gordon and Ormson families and friends.


94)  Thanks to Jack Baryluk of Sea Island and his keen interest in our history project introduced us to another person with an interest in preserving history.  The SIHS are now the proud recipients of an early aerial photogrpah of the Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd Plant #3 on Sea Island.  The donor’s father’s had this RCAF photo.  It does look like early wartime era and maybe even while under construction.  SIHS believes that the Boeing Plant on Sea Island commenced PBY Catalina Flying Boat production on Jan 2 1940 so that large B&W photograph might be before but close to that date.

On this c1940 photo, a ramp into the Middle Arm of the Fraser River is not yet built for launching or hauling up of the PBY Catalina Flying Boats at the time.  You can see the old Boeing ramp between the main manufacturing multi-facet building and the nearby Boeing/Canadian Pacific Airlines Overhaul and Repair Plant #2 for RCAF Western Air Command for the PBYs and other RCAF aircraft in both of the 1960 RCAF aerial photo from former RCAF Photographic Section i/c/ Sgt Rene Bousquet.

The ramp furthest south/west of the main Boeing Plant was normally used for the normal seaplane traffic at Vancouver Airport and not normally for Boeing production aircraft.


95)  Sad to hear that former VLA Cora Brown subdivision resident Mrs. Doris I Forsyth passed away in early October.  Mr. and Mrs. Doug Forsyth lived at 477 Ferguson Road on Sea Island


96)  The Vancouver Island Military Museum in Nanaimo, B.C. has been very helpful to the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) over the past 15 years or so!  They’ve provided some insight on the Sea Island Air Force base there prior to 1965, have helped identify people, places and events on Sea Island from photographs; and some of their super volunteers once served on Sea Island, including their current President, Roger Bird and volunteer Hal (Harold) Johnstone.  We want to pass along our sincere congratulations to them on their achieving 25 years service.  Sept 1986 –Sept 2011; Bravo Zulu/Well done!  See their website:


97)  Eunice Robinson said in a September 29 2011 email that “….I received two more Boeing Beams from Bruce Forrest, 93-yr old former Boeing worker and Sea Island resident for many years now living in Chilliwack.  Eunice said, “These two issues are – October 13, 1944 and May 25, 1945”.  I’ll work on getting these historic newsletters scanned for our history project collection!”


98)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) continues to be grateful for submissions from a retired RCAF airman.  The SIHS is amazed at the memory and memorabilia that former RCAF Band member Tony Padula has.  In a Sept 28, 2011 email, Tony said, “In my last email, I mentioned that Joe Micelli was the first bandmaster of the 442 Squadron Band.

Looked to see if I could come up with a picture with him conducting the band. have shoe boxes of pictures going way back in time but unfortunately did not come across any at the moment.

However, did find several of the Joe Micelli band playing at The Embassy Ballroom with Ozzie McCombe and myself in it.  The three of us were original members of the [RCAF] 442 Squadron A bit of the past.”  Tony


Previously Tony provided a picture of the band in front of the ‘1021 door’.  Tony Said, “It is a building West of Burrard on Hastings Street back of The Marine building, as I recall.

The band rehearsed in several places. At the base on Sea Island, at 1021 W. Hastings St. and at times at a place in the West-End on 4th Ave, I believe.

As noted before the band was organized by the first bandmaster Joe Micelli, who fronted a dance band playing at the Embassy Ballroom near Burrard & Davies, where I was a member in the band at the time.

As one of the original members, the band began according to my Certificate Of Service, November 1st, 1949 and disbanded with the closure of the air base March 1964.

Joe Micelli stayed on as bandmaster for about 5 years and left to join the forces once again (army I believe). Don Lastoria took on as bandmaster for almost 5 years and left due to his work load with The Vancouver Symphony, CBC Orchestra & teaching. Ozzie McComb became the last bandmaster for the remaining time.

From the photos you can see the band grew from around 16 original members to approx. 25 or more.”


99)  Julie Clausen of Redding, California USA posted to the SIHS website guest book on Sept 10 2011, "My husband's grandfather, Carl Clausen was the blacksmith on Sea Island. That would be #6 on the map of the island. As a child, he would often visit a farm and ride the Clydesdales to his grandfather's blacksmith shop. We have no pictures of his grandparents, however, Barry does remember quite a bit from living in the area and would appreciate any photos or contact with people who may have known his grandparents. Thank you very kindly, Julie Clausen ".  Please contact both Julie and the Sea Island Heritage Society if you have answers on this query. 


100)          Mr. L.G. Walker is an 89-yr old former Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd (Sea Island) worker now residing in Nanaimo, B.C.  On Sept 8, 2011 his daughter and son-in-law kindly donated a copy of one of her father’s last pay stubs (Sept 1-12, 1945 – two weeks pay for $71.64 [gross]).  Although the plant stopped production on VJ Day in August, this pay must have been for the ‘skeleton’ clean-up and de-mob crew held on.


101)          Leading up to the 10th Anniversary, the Vancouver Sun newspaper has an article dated September 9 2011 with 11 photos about YVR “hosting” jet airliners on September 11, 2001 (9-11) following the horrifying terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre buildings in New York, The Pentagon in DC and the attempted attack on the U.S. Whitehouse.  “YVR turned into a giant parking lot for grounded 747s” 
By Doug Ward, Vancouver Sun September 9, 2011
Read more:

Doug Barry, one of the off-duty Air Traffic Controllers visiting the Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island the following day submitted photos of the many airliners waiting permission to resume their flights.  Thanks Doug, ‘an historic collection.


102)          The Sea Island Heritage Society is grateful to Colleen Brooks of White Rock, B.C. for donating her collection of Sea Island Memorabilia of 5 DVDs and a CD holding over 600 pictures relating to the history of Sea Island in September 2011.  The DVDs include:

RCAF (14(F) Sqn  Reunion and 2 Interviews with Dan McIvor c1990, Rogers TV Production “Sea Island Then and Now (1+2); the 1931 Airport Opening, From the Past to the Future; and the Japanese-Canadian Sea Island Reunion.

Thank you so much Colleen.

Are there any volunteers out there willing to help by transcribing these DVD interviews?  Thank you.


103)          Also in September 2011 Doc Hopper of Ottawa, Ont an aviation historian has helped SIHS understand the change of the prewar RCAF 111 (CAC) Sqn of Vancouver – who used the 1931 dome-shaped hangar on Sea Island - to its development of a wartime unit and transfer to Pat Bay (Victoria BC) in 1939.  Doc said in response to a question about the P-40 Curtiss Kittyhawks on Sea Island, “Re 111 Sqn's Kittyhawks' brief stay at Sea Island. They then moved on to Pat Bay before going to Alaska.  Another example of Squadron Codes is seen on numerous photo of RCAF bi-wing, Patrol Bombers ,Stranraers.  These were two letters on one side of the roundel (i.e.for RCAF 5(BR) Sqn, QN) and one on the other side of the roundel which was the individual aircraft identifier ("O" in the case of the Stranraer photo).  Note that these code letters were underlined for home defence aircraft.

There was a major reshuffle of Squadron codes between 1941/42.  The original 111 Sqn used "TM" and the "new" 111 kept these. The "TM" does not seem to have been applied to the Kittyhawks until they got to Pat Bay.  In the 41/42 "reshuffle", 111 was allotted "LZ" and used that for most of their time in Alaska.”

The late Gerald Hunt Bowman was an aero-mechanic in the RCAF.   He was posted at Sea Island from June 4th, 1942 to July 8th, 1942 and then he went to Annette Island from July 9th, 1942 to August 16th, 1943. He came back to Sea Island August 17th to October 26th, 1943 before going to Halifax and then over to Bournemouth England.(RCAF #438 Sqn)

 It's interesting to note that his squadron was listed as #132 when he first went to Sea Island then it changed to #118 when he went to Annette Island Gerry Bowman’s photo of his RCAF 118 (F) Squadron Flight Board shows two flights of Kittyhawks on Annette Island which used the” YW” code.

This also shows that Annette Island, Alasaka (only 60 miles north of Prince Rupert, BC) was part of “W” Wing of the US Air Force (as opposed to the Canadian involvment with “X” wing, of the USAF in the Aluetians.

This flight board on Annette Island also showed two Harvard aircraft with the Code LZ, so presumably they had come down from northern Alaska to Annette Island and retained that code on their fuselage.


104)          As part of YVR 80th Birthday celebrations and happenings, The YVR Airport authority held an online voting contest to see who could spend 80 days exploring and reporting on YVR activities. Jaeger Mah was voted onto Sea Island starting August 17, 2011.  You can follow this interesting development at   

Eunice Robinson added in an email August 9, 2011 that she saw this about Jaeger Mah on TV too – “I'll try and get out to the airport in the next while and meet this fellow.  I'll let him know about our Sea Island Heritage Society - and maybe he can give us a plug”.


105)          On August 23, 2011 the Richmond Review newspaper published a story about a black bear that had been spotted twice on Sea Island that week, prompting city officials to post warning signs at McDonald Beach Park.  Sharon Bordeleau who lives on Ferguson Road on Sea Island and is one of the remaining pioneer McDonald Family members, said in a comment about the enwspaper report, “While we have not seen Ms Bear, we have discovered some bear scat, not a hundred yards from the back of our barn.  We’re sure he/she will be competition for those wonderful blackberries, so anyone who is brave enough to venture out as been forewarned. It is most likely that this bear swam across the river from the UBC Spirit Park area.  Yes, he will probably move on and is no threat….but first there are a lot of wild berries for his consumption.

Who recalls the time that the beekeeper on Dinsmore Island surrounded his little white shack with the hives of bees in it with a battery operated electric fence?  Anyone else have any interesting “wildlife” stories about Sea Island?


106)          On August 6, 2011 PBY Canso aircraft N249SB (formerly C-FNJB) was seen over Victoria during a fly-by of YYJ (Victoria Int’l Airport at Pat Bay, B.C.).  It was on its ferry flight from Cassidy CYCD (Nanaimo Airport) to its new home at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, USA where it will be put on static display. It is interesting to note that 68-yr old N249SB is a former RCAF PBY5-A Canso amphibian aircraft that did a stint on Sea Island / YVR (Vancouver Int’l airport) from 1949 to 1951 as a Transport and Search & Rescue aircraft.  It certainly has led an exciting post-military life, mostly as a converted waterbomber. 

Although the above PBY was not built on Sea Island, 55 other PBY-5A’s were; plus numerous PBY Flying Boats (non-amphibians).  If you haven’t already seen it online, there is a 10 minute video clip on manufacturing the PBY Catalina "3" Flying Boat.  These PBYs are shown under assembly and are part of an order by the U.S. Navy to Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego for 65 aircraft in prewar 1939
I imagine the assembly details shown are similar in some respects to those carried on at the Boeing Aircraft Canada Ltd Manufacturing Plant #3 on Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.) 1941-1945.


107)          Thanks to Doug Barry, Ernie Kilroe, and Gary H. (all former Vancouver Airport workers) whose September 2011 donations of photo scans of the British and French Concorde Jet Airliner visits to Vancouver (YVR) during Expo 86.  These have contacts have spurred another two photographs of this historic occasion on Sea Island.  If anyone else has photos of either Concorde’s visits to the West Coast in 1986, we’d appreciate hearing from you.


Richard C.(another retired airport worker), said that that Air France and British Concorde’s were in YVR for the Expo 86 “British Day” and “French Day”. (but we’d like the exact dates if anyone still has a program).  Richard did share some of his exciting memories of a ride-along he had


Richard said, “I was with CP Air at the time and responsible for the ground handling of them both, publishing handling procedures for all departments.


I flew on the BA Concorde as we did a fly pass between the Lions Gate Bridge uprights to the Canada Pavilion then false creek and Abbotsford.

The Commander of the BA Concorde Fleet (Commander Walpole I think) loved to show just what his a/c could do and threw it around like a fighter aircraft, I thought he was going under the Lions Gate bridge at first but he flew very low and between the uprights, the only one who got airsick while he was manoeuvring at low altitude and tight turns was the CP Engineer I took with me.


The public could buy tickets on both of them for site seeing trips.


The BA Concorde left YVR for a theme flight to ANC then HAL. It was a mystery murder flight where we actually had the perp. fire a gun in the holding room and board the aircraft (had the RCMP in attendance of course). Try that now a days.


I also flew on the Air France one at Expo and a wedding was conducted on that one. I believe the groom was the owner or son of the owner of “Gold’s Fabric’s” or something like that


A BA Concord also brought Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher to YVR, via Gander, for a meeting (I believe it was Commonwealth Conference) at a later date


108)          Sad to hear that former Cora Brown residents, Waltruda Glibbery passed away June 17, 2011 and that Audrie Oliver passed away on July 1, 2011.  Jean Roberts of the Pioneer Richmond family of Gillespie passed away in May 2011.  Sad also to hear that long time resident and war veteran of Burkeville, Donald (George) McGregor, passed away August 1, 2011.  George was well-known to many families on Sea Island over the years as he coached many baseball teams and was a charter member of the Army, Navy and Air Force (ANAF) Club #285. 

The Sea Island Heritage Society sends condolences to their respective families and friends. 


109)          The Hubbard family lived beside the firehall on Lancaster in the early days of Burkeville.  Bob Hubbard loaned a copy of an old Vancouver Sun newspaper article about Burkeville, which includes many photos of Burkeville and its residents.  It’s a double page spread dated September 30, 1944. Bob kindly provided a copy of his Cambie Junior High School Annual “Cambian” for 1957/58.  Lots of great memories and information about the students who travelled from Sea Island.  In December 2011 Bob added a vintage photo of the arrival of the new fire truck to Burkeville with a picture of the old original pumper near it!  What a treasure to have.  Thanks for all those Bob.


110)          It was nice to make contact with the Barker family, formerly of Burkeville.  Ray Barker of Ottawa, ONT posted to the SIHS website August 26, 2011 and said, “Our family lived at 19 Catalina Cres (1943?- 1954?)..father Ken Barker (worked for TCA driving mail truck), mother Marjorie worked at Boeing in office, and later on at 'Oveno' ??”  read more on our guest book click on view entries.

Ray Barker asked if we have any info on a Lawrence Erwin/Irwin who lived at 21 Catalina Crescent.  We don’t.  Can anyone else help Ray out with this query?


111)          The CORA BROWN & TAPP ROAD SUBDIVISIONS - 10TH REUNION WAS A GREAT SUCCESS – Thanks to the organizers and to all the attendees.

     June 11, 2011 was the date of the last Cora Brown/Tapp Road Subdivisions’ last reunion.  About 150 people attended the afternoon celebration which had been held at the Southarm United Church at No. 3 Road and Steveston Highway, in Richmond, BC. 

     As well, the display from the Sea Island Heritage Society was enjoyed by the attendees, who were very interested in what has been gathered to date.  Both Barb and Eunice encouraged the former neighbours and friends to submit their family information to the Society. 

     A great afternoon, with good food, good friends, and the sun shone too.  The organizing committee is planning another reunion in 2013; and are hoping to connect with even more former residents of both subdivisions, and the surrounding area.  Anyone with more information on this part of the Island, please contact us through the Sea Island Heritage Society.


112)          Susie Marino posted to the Sea Island Heritage Society website guest book on Saturday, 6/18/11, 1:35 PM, "Hi, I am the grand-daughter of Ronald and Evelyn McCutcheon -- niece of Martha McCutcheon and of the late Les McCutcheon -- and daughter of Judi McCutcheon. Looking to re-trace some tracks from my grandparents -- wondering if anyone remembers a Foundry being next to a tram station -- and details of it...? Also -- might anyone have a photo of the tram station or surrounding parts...? My Grandparents and Mom, Aunt and Uncle lived only a few doors down (I think it would have been 1944-46 that they lived in that house -- before they moved to Grauer Rd)... Thank you SO much -- this website is wonderful! Susie Marino (from the McCutcheon Family)”. Can anyone help the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) and Susie find the answers?  Please contact the SIHS.


113)          The Sea Island Heritage Society sends condolences to the families and friends of three former Sea Islanders and Cora Brown subdivision residents who passed away recently.  On April 27, 2011, Muriel Clendenning passed away at age 97 years.  And on May 2nd, Jim Hamalock, passed away.  He was 94 years old – still living in his own home in Richmond, and still driving.  Eric Petri died in May, worked at the airport for Pacific Western Airlines (PWA) and lived on Edgington Avenue.


114)          Our Sea Island Heritage Society President, Mrs. Eunice Robinson (nee Hamalock) was nominated for one of the City of Richmond 2011 Heritage Awards.  Former Sea Islanders, Maureen Stark Ross and Barbara Thomas Nielson nominated her for this award, not only for her work with the SIHS but for her ongoing voluntary work with Family History research and the many speaking engagements Eunice presents annually.  Eunice excitingly reported that she was delighted and honoured to be selected.  The presentation ceremony took place May 7th at 2:30 pm at the Richmond Cultural Centre.  Eunice added, “The award will be presented to me, for the Sea Island Heritage Society.   I am very honoured to have been nominated, but absolutely thrilled that the Sea Island Heritage Society will be recognized.”  Way to go Eunice.  We’re all very proud of you.


115)          The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) was recently contacted by someone that acquired a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) trunk, or Barrack Box) with the following painted in yellow on the top:


Can anyone tell SIHS more about this trunk and about the previous owner?  Who was A.D. McIsaac and what time period was this person associated with the RCAF on Sea Island.  Former RCAF Sea Island 442 (Aux) pilot, Harold (Hal) Johnstone of Nanaimo said that if we found out who all owned the barn that the trunk was in, perhaps we’d find the answer.


116)          A question was posed by William Hampson, a Canadian Military Historian, seeking information pertaining to the 1-9 Aerodrome Defence Platoons/Companies (Brief Histories & Locations during the World War Two).  Thanks to Jerry Vernon, RCAF historian and the current Chapter President of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Mr. Hampson and SIHS was provided additional insight into the Aerodrome Defence Companies - Platoons that maintained camps to protect Canadian Aerodromes (Airports) with artillery, including Sea Island during WWII.


117)          After Eunice Robinson provided an article about our Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) in the April 9, 2011 Richmond Review newspaper, SIHS was contacted by a lady that bought her house on Steveston Hwy, Richmond, B.C. from the Metcalf family who bought it after it was expropriated by the Federal Gov’t for airport expansion and moved from Sea Island to its present resting place on Steveston Hwy about 1959 or so.  The Sea Island Heritage Society would like to find out where on Sea Island the house came from and who were its former owner(s).  Who can tell SIHS about the house or its owners from Sea Island?


118)          We were fortunate to have Terry Slack fill in many forgotten/unknown details about the history of Iona Island and his family’s arrival there in 1947.  Thx Terry – and thanks to Sharon Bordeleau for transcribing the late Don Gordon’s taped interview he did with Terry Slack.


119)          The Sea Island Heritage Society sends sincere condolences to the family and friends of John (Jack) Sherwood Alexander of Richmond, B.C. who passed away in April 2011.

In the 1940s and 50s, Jack and his 3 brothers lived on Sea Island.  They are the sons of Sherwood Earl & Helen Alexander – r 638 and 648 Miller Road.  GT said that Jack came out with his family from Framingham Mass, (about 12 miles west of Boston) in 1947.   His dad, Earl had been in the US Navy during WW11.  After he left the Navy they came to Richmond to assist in the running of the Sherwood Dairy Farm located on what is now the Quilchena Golf Course.


120)          Thanks to a recent submission from Grant Thompson we have been able to obtain a complete scan of the newspaper clipping and photo of Sea Island Queen, Bev Hoggard and her Steveston Salmon Festival court.  The photo includes an honour guard of Boy Scouts from the 6th Richmond Scout Troop.  All but one were identified by Grant including: Grant, John Campbell, Gordon Eastman, Bob Martin and Jack Alexander.  The photo was identified as being 1952.  If you were a member of any of the Sea Island 6th Richmond Cubs, Brownies, Guides or Scouts, we’d like to hear from you and would appreciate any photographs.


121)          The Sea Island Heritage Society sends sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mildred Walley, formerly of Catalina Crescent; and to the family and friends of Susanna (Ruth) Hollinger, formerly of Tapp Road, Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.).  Both passed away in February 2011.